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Today’s Liberation Special Education

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Liberate the mind and the rest will follow.

Kid Learning from Home

Our Story

Today is a new day in which education no longer feels overwhelming. Today is the day of freedom and liberation through education. After 10 years of teaching students with special needs. We know that today’s young person wants not only a education but, liberation through education. At Today’s Liberation Special Education Consultant Firm. We combine strong academic knowledge with even stronger social emotional understanding. Providing private and specialized services to children and young adults ages 10 to 25. With years as certified educators we understand learning disabilities, autism, emotional disturbance, AD, ADHD and more. At Today’s Liberation we are life coaches, motivators, and academic supporters.

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Objective 1

Swbat analyze their behavior and the impacT it has on learning aNd life

Objective 2

Swbat use social and emotionAl Improvements to Increase self esteem and Resilience

Objective 3

SwBaT use failUre as a means to success

Next Steps

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Step 1

Schedule Consultation

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Step 2

Create a plan

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Step 3

Work that plan

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